Trading CFDs


We are open to all traders, including scalpers. You are allowed to close a CFD position immediately after it has been opened.

Years ago, gold, oil, silver and other valuable commodities were only available for trading to institutions. Today our online platform offers direct CFD trading. You only have to find the symbol of the desired commodity and start trading the respective CFD. A single platform is all you need to trade metals and commodities, no more dependence on banks.

Use stop loss orders to safeguard your position – they are activated when the CFD price reaches the preset level. In this way, you can relax and stop worrying about your investment. I the same way, you can set proofing taking orders, so you will not have to watch the monitor all the time. Such an order automatically takes the profit when the CFD hits the levels you want. All types of orders can be put in the system without limitations.

Buying an actual asset will probably cost hundreds of thousands of US dollars. We offer leverage of 1:100 that removes the requirement of buying large s when trading assets. Therefore, trading CFD dramatically reduces trading costs.

Unlike currencies, which are traded in pips (1:10000), commodities are traded in points (USD). Therefore, a slight change in a CFD's price might produce large profits.

Make a profit even when an Asset falls. Our platform allows opening a short sell position and allows you earn money even when the CFD is dropping.

Low spreads have a significance for your balance with any kind of trading, including CFD trading. We offer the lowest spreads to assure that you will have the closest experience to the real assets market.


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