Investment strategy

Every investment has the same general objective: to increase the profitability of their portfolio. TradeGBP has aspired to lead its traders to success using a variety of trading methods and strategies, resulting in larger profits. Our analysts can answer all your questions regarding online trading, as well as more general issues of the global economy which affect the market environment.

Risk management

Portfolio risk management is a key aspect of successful trading. With growing risk, the possibility of greater profit, but also greater loss, grow as well. It is important to avoid volatile conditions and there are several methods to achieve this. You should make sure that you account is funded in accordance with the intended trading volume. Also, the trades assets should be diversified, which decreases volatility. This is only an example of the things to do in order to achieve a sustainable, low-risk portfolio.

Strategic focus on risk management: TRADEGBP uses a broad range of tools and skills to decrease volatility and hedge risk exposures. Some of the tools we use are long equity, short equity, CFD’s, Forex.

TRADEGBP believes in the importance of good management teams and comprehensive research: Our investment strategy focuses on the management teams and the comprehensive analysis of industries, companies and macro trends. We at TRADEGBP dedicate a large percentage of our resources to maintaining close, ongoing discussions with management teams of current and potential investment, and believe that the integrity and reliability of management are the main factors in possible investments.

Focus on expansion and profits: Look for and invest in tradeable equities of companies with stable revenue and potential for growing profits. TRADEGBP’s investment goals is to find businesses with strong foundations which maintain long-term sustainable growth and profits. We also aim at securities which we think are attractively-valued and possess stable potential to create remarkable capital gains. Importance is placed on managing a balanced investment portfolio with broad diversification along with established trach record and and trusted management.

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