TradeGBP has various methods for remaining competitive and giving incentives to our traders.

Every dealer who works with TradeGBP has the chance to enjoy at least one incentive or bonus, regardless of their type of account.Below are the promotions the company is offering to their clients which will run up to the end of 2018.

Protected Trades

·To the traders with a minimum deposit of 3000 dollars,a total of100 protected trades To the traders with a minimum deposit of 10000 dollars, a total of 300 protected trades.

The above promotions are targeted at new investors who are just starting in the currency trading industry.

This will give the new investors an equal footing with the other traders who have been in the field for many years. It will teach them the professional ways of managing their money, as the successful traders have been doing to maintain their status. Other benefits will include exclusive tools which enable a new trader to spot real-time investment opportunities.

To all interested traders, the chance is still open, and they can apply immediately. They should consult their account managers to include them in this one-time incredible opportunity.

Below are some of Deposit Bonus options for every account.

·Account Deposit Bonus

·Micro Account Beginners 15%

·Standard Account Standard 25%

·Silver Account Premium 30%

·Gold Account Amazing 40%

·VIP Account Truly Amazing 50%

There is comparison account table that helps the traders to see and compare all the types of accounts and provides a clear overview of the available options and features. The offer is for the deposit bonus and also the one in the rebate program.

Terms and Conditions of the Bonus

·A trader can only withdraw the bonus if they have a minimum trading volume of $ 20,000 for every bonus dollar. For example, if an operator wants to withdraw a $ 200 bonus he or she must have a minimum trading volume of $4,000,000 for him/her to withdraw bonus

·As of the date a trader receives the bonus, the trading volume commences to count towards the Bonus withdraw requirement.

·Note carefully: a trader may withdraw the money from the account before reaching the required minimum trading volume, but by doing this he/she forfeit the bonus amount.

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