Order types

Volume Trader

Elite Pricing Structure

Save from transaction fees with TradeGBP's Volume Trader spread + commission charge structure. Lower Volume Trader pricing together with TRADEGBP's No Dealing Desk trading execution can give you the advantage you have been seeking.


TRADEGBP Volume Trader accounts are priced on a spread plus commission principle. The combined costs of the transaction should be quite lower than a standard TRADEGBP trading account with No Dealing Desk execution.
This structure provides incentive to the large traders at TradeGBP, because their fees drop as the traded volume increases.


A Volume Trader account rewards those who trade large volumes. The commissions are calculated depending on your monthly turnover.

No Dealing Desk

TRADEGBP recommends No Dealing Desk (NDD) execution for forex transactions. We hoped to provide a better pricing and execution model than the one used by most dealing desks brokers in the forex industry. We have reached this goal: NDD prices are competitive and market-driven, and NDD execution is transparent and fair.


TRADEGBP’s No Dealing Desk eliminates the inherent conflict of interest of trading through brokers. Dealing Desk brokers could trade against your positions and profit from your loss. Alternatively, they may lose when you profit. Therefore, Dealing Desk brokers are motivated to manipulate your orders. For example, they could place restrictions on stops and limits or re-quote your orders. TRADEGBP's NDD execution model avoids this problem. Your orders automatically fill from the NDD price feed, which is the best available bid and best ask prices from all of our liquidity providers after TRADEGBP's mark-up. Also, your orders are anonymous to the liquidity providers. They cannot see your stops, limits, or entry orders; they only see market orders coming from TRADEGBP.

Main Benefits
Dealing Desk

TRADEGBP has available Dealing Desk execution for traders who mainly want low spreads for 12 of the most popular currency pairs. The Dealing Desk model, however, has certain limitations - TRADEGBP can act as a dealer, setting the prices and spreads for some of the currency pairs on which you trade. In this model the conflict of interest exists, because4 we can see your stops and limits and we can profit from your trading losses.


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