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PAMM - Percentage Allocation Money Manager

PAMM Manager to the rescue 

This particular Investment manager works through TRADEGBP with an aggregate account. This all works by sending an order to various networked accounts depending on the pre-set allocation instructions. What are the advantages? See below.

With PAMM you get the ability to invest under multiple managers; also fund deposits are instant, and there are daily withdrawals, even with open trades on the master account. Get access to live performance and equity updates, an advanced performance page and even rescue levels and auto charts.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to investing and you aren’t willing to put in years of studying in order to master trading, then PAMM is the right choice for you.  It allows the Fund manager to trade in your stead, while you keep the sole right to withdraw funds from the account. We can help you choose the best Fund manager for your preferences from our portfolio.

Fund managers
TradeGBP provides convenience for fund managers as well. All settlement operations are automated, carried out by TradeGBP, leaving you free to concentrate on choosing the best trades for you and your clients.
Fund managers can use the TradeGBP MT4 terminal to organize their clients. They can also customize the offer to investors, deciding the rate of all their fees.
Focus on trading and leave the administration to us.

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