Oil Trading

OIL Trading with TradeGBP

Crude Oil trading has been available on the electronic Intercontinental Exchange since 2005. One contract is equal to 100 barrels and is quoted in U.S. Dollars. Crude oil is traded as a CFD using the same quantities relative to "barrels" with USD as a base currency (1 Lot = 100 Barrels).

Oil is always a good investment, as a global commodity and a primary Energy product.

Oil prices can be extremely volatile, not only the abrupt rise and fall over the last 2 years, but also the price within one day can vary greatly, resulting in large day trading ranges and providing a lucrative investment opportunity.

TradeGBP understands the volatility of Oil Trading; therefore, we know how important it is to provide the trader with the best possible market conditions, via Multiple Platforms (Web, Desktop, Mobile).

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