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Money Managers Platforms

A Money Manager should look for the best partner for them and their clients. In this case, TradeGBP qualifies by all means as we have proven our competence in many fields, and have enough experience.

TradeGBP offers three alternatives which facilitate trading from many accounts with one-click execution and a range of Allocation types. All of these three options are to assist you in managing your funds and clients.

Money managers can use the MT4 MAM platform to execute various trades with their trader's Master account by using an Expert Advisor. Our services, technology, and knowledge can lend quality service and transparency to your customers.

Personal clients can log on to their account and view in real-time all open positions, P&L, and trading history throughout the day.

Meta Trader 4.0 Multi Terminal
Managing multiple accounts at the same time is the purpose of Meta Trader 4 Multi Terminal.

Merits of the Meta Trader 4 Multi Terminal

·Reporting system

·Does not support Expert Advisor

·Limitless number of accounts

·Enables the closing of all trades or ends by currency for all accounts

·All types of orders and flexible workspace

Variety of Lots Allocations Alternatives:

·Equal parts
·Predefined volume
·By equity ratio

·Total volume for each order

·By free margin ratio

Meta Trader 4.0 Enabled MAM

The TradeGBP team has come up with a system which allocates trades from a master account exactly and at the exact execution prices to its managed subordinate accounts.

How does it operate?
You need to set the leverage or the multiplayer about the Algo Trading positions, after you have completed the paperwork and signed a power of attorney to your money manager.

Crucial Information:

All kind of orders including the partial closing of an existing position is as well allowed by the system.

·You can be controlled by an unlimited number of managers as a managed account.

·You can trade freely as a subordinate managed account on your MT4 platform regardless of your manager.

·Managed and master accounts work on a regular MT4 terminal.

·An unlimited number of executives can control you as a managed account.

·The master account can be operated by you either manually or via an Expert Advisor.

·The position as a multiplayer of the master's position is defined by the managed account.

·For an existing position, managed accounts can take charge but as soon as this happens, the manager will be disconnected from this particular position, and you will now have control of the position.

·A managed account can trade a similar or greater position then the manager but not smaller.

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