Islamic Account

Islamic Account

TRADEGBP is introducing Islamic trading accounts that are free from interest, to abide by Islamic Sharia Law. This also means that TradeGBP will not collect extra commission off these trading accounts.

Basic Information on an Islamic Account
These TRADEGBP Islamic Account are basically trading accounts which make it possible for individuals to trade without interest, because that is forbidden by Islamic law. The other difference between Islamic and regular accounts, because swap or rollover operations do not apply to Islamic accounts.

Terms and Conditions of Islamic TRADEGBP Accounts:

  • Transactions Paid in Full
  • Zero Interest
  • Zero Commisions
  • Most accounts provide same benefits as other trading platforms

The features of an Islamic TRADEGBP Account are as follows:

  • No Swaps
  • No Rollovers
  • No extra commissions
  • No additional cost

Here are the basic steps to opening an Islamic Account online:

  • Fill out Account Information – for live or demo account
  • Send Information for review and transfer to Arabic desk

Another thing to keep in mind when opening an Islamic account is to provide all the information necessary to the Arabic Language desk.

Contact our representative and open your Islamic account today!


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