Islamic Account

Islamic Account

Introducing Islamic trading accounts that are free from interest used in TRADEGBP. These accounts have been done to abide by Islamic Sharia Law. Through this new platform, these Islamic Accounts also promises not to be collecting any commission off these trading accounts.

Basic Information on an Islamic Account

These TRADEGBP Islamic Account are trading accounts which basically make it possible for individuals to trade which is similar to forex accounts through a loan of money from TRADEGBP. However, SWAP accounts are void of interest that has to be paid by the individual. However, despite their convenience as with any type of financial account, there will be terms and conditions that apply.

Terms and Conditions of Islamic TRADEGBP Accounts

The features of an Islamic TRADEGBP Account are as follows:

So, this is basically a run down of the features of an Islamic account. So, how does someone go about actually opening one? Well, the great thing is that these accounts can be opened online. Also, there is no obligation to actually take a real account at first, an individual can test drive the website through a demo account to see if it's really for them.

Here are the basic steps to opening an Islamic Account online"

Another thing to keep in mind when opening account is to provide all the information necessary. Those who provide the service expect all the information to be complete and honest.

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