Indices Trading

Trading Indices with TradeGBP

Typically, a stock market index is the measurement of the value of a stock market sector, and it is calculated as a weighted average price of selected stocks. Finance professionals use indices as a frame of reference to understand the development of different market sectors by comparison to their own strategy.

Trading CFD Indices exposes clients all international equity markets, and it works as an effective hedging tool. TradeGBP know how important these instruments are for diversifying any portfolio. We offer all major indices: NASDAQ, DAX, FTSE, CAC; our clients profit from the global market trends with the benefits of leverage, fast execution, and optimal trading conditions.

TradeGBP has one of the broadest varieties of stock indices: choose from 31 different stock index CFDs, from markets across the world, and trade them together with your Forex trades.

TradeGBP index CFD allows you to trade long or short instantly, 24 hours a day during the market week, NO fees or commission.

Our selection of 31 stock index CFDs includes:

Trading Indices with TradeGBP
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